In 2012 the first of three P-class station vessels, POLARIS was named in Rotterdam. The POLARIS is the pivot point of a state of the art concept for embarkation and disembarkation of Maritime Pilots on the Northsea coast in any condition up to a significant waveheight of 3,5 meters.

POLARIS in Rotterdam city center on the day she was named

The ship’s design enables the P-class to operate as a stand-alone vessel on the Maascenter- and Steenbank- pilot stations. She is fitted with three fast launch craft, which are capable of reaching a speed of 28 knots. The P-class can take fast speedtenders an Swath-tenders alongside up to 3,5 meters wave height. Furthermore a helicopter hoisting platform allows pilots to be hoisted to- and from the helicopter used by the Rotterdam- and Schelde pilots.

P-Class general plan

The P-Class was specifically designed for the wave spectrum of the Northsea. Her active anti-roll system allows her to maintain a workability up to 3,5 meters wave height. Her two engine rooms have been separated to ensure total redundancy of propulsion and crane and bridge systems while working.

A typical Fast Launch Craft embarkation at over 3 meters significant wave height