Rotterdam uses the web to rise its efficiency

Source: Medi Telegraph

Rotterdam – The port of Rotterdam has introduced a new online tool for reserving berths. “The agent simply has to enter the date of arrival, the duration of the stay, the name and length of the ship in the system, after which he or she is automatically provided with an overview of the available buoys and dolphins,” explained Port of Rotterdam’s ship to ship operation business manager Amanda de Bruine. 

“This reduces the risk of vessels losing cargo during heavy weather, for example. And it facilitates quick and efficient loading, unloading and bunkering,” said de Bruine. 

Named KING 3.0, the new system, says de Bruine, is comparable “to picking a hotel on a booking site, and it’s just as accessible in terms of ease of use.” Another advantage “is that it makes the planning process far more efficient. In the old set-up, agents couldn’t enter their own bookings – which occasionally resulted in ships having to queue up before they could be processed.”

With a total of 29 berths with buoys and dolphins out on the water, spread across multiple locations – from Maasvlakte to Dordrecht – the port of Rotterdam is a unique facility.