New pilot boat arrives home

Source: The Orcadian Online

September 2, 2019 at 1:56 pm

The Scapa Pathfinder and John Rae.

Orkney’s new pilot vessel arrived at Scapa  at the weekend, after a long journey from Spain.

The Scapa Pathfinder was constructed by shipbuilders Astilleros Armon S.A in Northern Spain.

After sea trials, the vessel set off earlier this week – travelling 1,400 nautical miles over four days across the Bay of Biscay, through the English Channel and up the east coast of Britain, before crossing the Pentland Firth and heading into Scapa Flow.

The launch, flanked by another of Orkney’s pilot vessels, the John Rae, was greeted by a small crowd who had gathered on Scapa Pier to see the arrival on Saturday.

The name Scapa Pathfinder was chosen after a public poll earlier this year. Crew familiarisation will now take place – with a naming ceremony planned for late September.