Injuries After Oasis Of The Seas Accident At Gb Shipyard

#One of the world’s largest cruise ships was today involved in a major accident at the Grand Bahama Shipyard.


#Tribune sources and social media videos said the 6,300 passenger Oasis of the Seas was in Dry Dock No. 2 when the incident, which collapsed cranes on to the vessel and tilted the cruise ship towards its starboard side, occurred.

#According to police, there were several injuries – none of them thought to be life-threatening.

#While the Shipyard has yet to formally release details on the accident and its causes, one social media posting described the situation as “a big accident at the Shipyard”.

#The short video, filmed by a Shipyard worker, said: “Working on the big Oasis, the ship collapsed, the dock collapsed, the crane collapsed. A couple of people might, don’t know, be missing. I was right there on the dock, working, and just missed it by the grace of God.

#”Big accident, big accident. Something the Shipyard will never survive from this one. Dock two is gone, dock two is finished. All the cranes collapsed. Big, big, big disaster. Big, big, big disaster. Disaster, disaster, disaster. I’ve never seen anything like this in my lifetime.”

#”All hell is breaking loose because of this,” one contact, speaking on condition of anonymity, said of the accident. “The Oasis of the Seas was in dry dock, and was too heavy or large for the dry dock. As they were lifting it the dry dock collapsed, along with the cranes and the ship.”

#Ships are not usually lifted by cranes when they go into in dry dock for repairs and refitting. The normal procedure is that they enter, and the water is then pumped out. The social media postings of the Oasis of Sea clearly show water is still present.

#The Oasis of the Sea is owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, which has partnered with Mexican developer, ITM, to acquire the Grand Lucayan and transform Freeport into a destination tourism product in a deal announced just last week.

#The 1,200 foot cruise ship, built in 2009, is scheduled to spend the summer cruising in Europe before returning to Miami which will be its home port for fall and winter 2019.

#Royal Caribbean issued the following statement on Monday afternoon: “As of 1:45 pm EDT, we are accounting for the whereabouts of all site personnel and working with local authorities to determine if there have been any injuries. We are aware of damage to the dock structure and to construction cranes. We are assessing damage to the ship.”