A Pilot Going To Work

It’s not always calm seas, helicopters and fast speedboats. In the third weekend storm this year, the pilot embarks MV VERA D by fast launch craft of the Pilot Station Vessel PROCYON. It takes professional teamwork by the Pilotboat crew, the ship VERA D and VTS Pilot Maas to board these ships in the harshest conditions in the violent Northsea. Well done an thanks to all players involved!

Inbound Tanker RYMAN to Port of Rotterdam

The recent storm Ciara has forced us to use the helicopter for boarding ships for an extended period of time since this weekend. The inbound MT RYMAN , 250 m long and drawing 13,6m deep came into port today, underway to BP jetty 1 in Oil harbour 6 in Port of Rotterdam . Thanks to the professional crew and bridgeteam of RYMAN it was a pleasant and smooth operation from start to finish.