Video of Virgin’s First Cruise Ship Gives Us a New Sneak Peek

Virgin Voyages, the most anticipated new cruise line in years, has released a video giving us a new sneak peek at the features that will be on their first cruise ship Lady Scarlet.

While interior images were released by Virgin Voyages a few months ago, this new video shows the outer decks and features that will be on them.  So far, the cruise line has been tight lipped out specific features that will be on the first of three cruise ships that they have ordered.

The video starts out by showing Lady Scarlet at sea and zooms in to show a sports deck that has punching bags and various outdoor exercise equipment.  One of the features that caught our eye was the swinging benches.  There are also hot tubs, an outdoor shower, and what seems like a good amount of outdoor seating.

Lady Scarlet is scheduled to debut in 2020 and sail cruises to the Caribbean out of the Cruise Capital of the World, PortMiami. Exact itineraries and cruise lengths will be announced at a later time. Cruise Fever will have the latest when these details are announced.

“Good progress” in efforts to refloat ship aground in Orkney Islands

Priscilla cargo ship2

Source: Marinelog

JULY 24, 2018 — Efforts to prepare for the refloating of a Wagenborg cargo ship grounded in the Orkney Islands since July 18 are continuing.

The U.K. Maritime and Coastguard agency reports that in the past 24 hours the salvors — Multraship/Ardent/Wagenborg — have managed to successfully remove 28 tonnes of Marine Gas Oil (MGO) from the vessel, the 89 m, 2009-built Netherlands flag cargo ship Priscilla.

Taking into account daily consumption for ship services, 15 tonnes of MGO will be retained on board for essential services. Four tonnes of “solidified'” Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and two tonnes of Lubricating Oil (LO) will also be retained on board.

Acting SOSRep Hugh Shaw said this morning that “Good progress is being made and the agreed quantity of bunkers has now been safely removed from MV Priscilla. I am pleased to report that operations to prepare the vessel for a re-float are progressing well.”

[The SOSRep, or Secretary of State’s Representative, is a civil servant appointed to oversee the U.K.’s marine casualty response in order to reduce the environmental impact and financial cost.]

Since yesterday over 270 tonnes of cargo has been successfully discharged from the vessel onto a reception barge. The barge is currently en route to Windwick Bay where the cargo will be loaded onto the MV Priscilla’s sister ship MV Alana Evita.

A second barge is now loading cargo and operations will continue until approximately 1,350 tonnes have been removed in order to lighten the vessel. To control an unplanned refloat during lightering operations a tug will be connected to the stern of the MV Priscilla once 500 tonnes has been discharged.

Additional vessels on scene and supporting the salvage operation include the Multraship Multratug 20, Multrasalvor 3 and Multrasalvor 4. Wagenborg has provided the Wagenborg Barge 14 and cargo vessel Alana Evita. In addition Briggs has provided the Forth Guardsman, Forth Trojan and Sprucelight.

The Temporary Exclusion Zone remains at 1,000 meters while the operation and activity is ongoing.

The Priscilla’s six crew members are safe and remain on board.

Russian nuclear submarine fires cruise missile to OBLITERATE target

Source: The Daily Star

THIS is the moment a Russian nuclear submarine fires a cruise missile at an “enemy ship” 93 miles away and hits its target.

Russia SubmarineCENNUCLEAR SUBMARINE: The Tomsk was taking part in a military training exercise

The Tomsk submarine was taking part in a military training exercise in the Sea of Okhotsk off eastern Russia.Video footage released by the Russian Ministry of Defence shows the nuclear submarine submerge before firing its missile from underwater.

“Russian nuclear submarine fires cruise missile to OBLITERATE target” verder lezen

The Londoner: ‘Britain is cruising to Brexit disaster’ | London Evening Standard

Richard Branson has warned that UK citizens may struggle to “afford to come on our cruises because of Brexit” as he hit out at the “dreadful mistake” of leaving the EU.  Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, is down on Brexit as he bangs the drum for his new venture, Virgin Voyages. “I’m worried about the UK generally, because of Brexit.
— Lees op

SYNCHRO-NET tool for the optimisation of the waterway segment


Synchro-NET aims at developing an innovative platform, called eco-NET, which is designed to catalyze the uptake of novel logistics concepts like slow steaming and synchro-modality in a collaborative cloud-based eco-system.

Synchro Net has the purpose to show how a powerful and innovative SYNCHRO-modal supply chain can identify and maximize the opportunities of smart steaming and synchro-modal logistics reducing the costs, the risk and CO2 emission.

Synchro-NET is the logistics European project co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme involving as partners DHL Supply Chain Spain (project coordinator), Bureau Veritas, Circle, Cork Institute of Technology, Cosco Shipping Line, CRAIN, Cross-border Research Association, EMC2, Fraunhofer, HydrOcean, Kongsberg Maritime AS, Kuehne+Nagel, LE Europe, MJC2, Politecnico di Torino, Rail Safety and Standards Board Limited (RSSB), SAM Electronics, Software AG and SYCO.

D 3.2 provides the SYNCHRO-NET tool set for the optimization of the waterway segment of the overall logistics transport chain.

It comprises an ECDIS workstation on-board used for on-board route planning and optimization. This workstation is complemented by a second ECDIS in the fleet operating centre at shore. Both are linked by a Maritime Connectivity Platform. The Maritime Module.

Integrator connects the web based SYNCHRO-NET modules for Weather Routing and Cooperative Speed Pilot with the Maritime Connectivity Platform and from there with the two ECDIS workstations. In a final operational phase of SYNCHRO-NET access to both modules is established through the Application Cloud providing extended security and access control for later cost designation.