Herman Broers (1968), Maritime Pilot in the Port of Rotterdam.

As Graduate of the Willem Barentsz Nautical College, I served with Stolt Tankers as Deck officer from 1991-1999. During this time I was assigned to the deep sea fleet. My last assignment was the MT STOLT EFFICIENCY as Chief Officer, the ship is a 37.000 ton dwt. Chemical tanker which we took out of the Danyard Shipyard in 1997.

Between 1999 and 2002 I worked as Sr.Port Superintendent with Stolt Tankers in Rotterdam.

In 2002 I became apprentice maritime pilot in Rotterdam. In 2003 I was sworn in as licenced maritime pilot.  At the moment I work as senior pilot in the port of Rotterdam.

This blog and site are meant to share my passion for my job, the beauty of the port and the industry.  I share news about pilotage, maritime innovation and other subjects dealing with the maritime industry.