Viking Cruises and Simwave team on safety skills training for river fleet officers

In the 5,000sq mtr centre in Barendrecht in the Netherlands, captains and officers from Viking’s river cruise division, and candidates for those positions, will receive training for real-life situations and working with safety procedures.

The extensive training programme will be known as the ‘Viking Maritime College’.

In seven weeks, 220 officers from the river-cruise division will complete a five-day training programme.

‘Thanks to the cooperation with Simwave, we will be able to practice demanding day-to-day situations to increase the professional skills of our captains and officers,’ says Jos Seinen, nautical director, Viking Cruises.

The program is tailored entirely to the specific requirements and procedures of Viking. It is created and introduced as a sustainable program, meaning that the first sessions form the base of a long term training cycle.

‘The inspiring learning-environment with state-of-the-art equipment, instructors and peers maximises the learning experience, adds Martin Gasser, learning & development director at Viking Cruises.

‘We are very pleased that Viking Cruises has opted for Simwave’, says Joost van Ree, the commercial director and co-founder of Simwave.

‘Our highly advanced range of simulators includes specific bridges for inland waterway vessels. These provide a 240-degree horizontal image on nine screens and delivers the student experience for Viking Maritime College very efficiently and realistically,’ he added.

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